How Much Do Makeup Artists Make? A Comprehensive Guide to Salary Ranges


Makeup artistry is a highly skilled profession with various job opportunities, including freelance work, working for brands or salons, and even film and TV roles. With the growing demand for professionals in this field, it’s essential to understand how much makeup artists can expect to make. In this article, we will explore the salary range of makeup artists, considering factors such as experience, location, and type of work.

Factors Affecting Salary Range:

1. Experience:

The level of experience plays a significant role in determining a makeup artist’s salary. Entry-level positions typically require little to no experience, while more experienced artists with portfolios and testimonials can command higher salaries. Additionally, makeup artists with specialized skills such as airbrushing or hair styling may receive higher salaries.

2. Location:

The geographical location of the job opportunity also affects the salary range for makeup artists. For example, cities with a higher cost of living tend to have higher salaries compared to smaller towns. Moreover, some countries have different pay scales due to varying labor laws and economic conditions.

3. Type of Work:

Makeup artistry has diverse categories, such as fashion, bridal, film, and editorial work. While each category may not have a specific salary range, they usually have different expectations from the employer. For instance, fashion makeup artists often earn more than bridal artists due to the high demand for their services.

Salary Ranges:

  1. Entry-level Makeup Artists:
    For entry-level positions, the salary range can vary greatly depending on factors such as location and experience. However, a good starting point is between $20,000 – $40,000 per year in North America. Similarly, in Europe and Asia, the average salary for entry-level artists ranges from €30,000 – €60,000 or ¥3,500,000 to ¥7,000,000 per year, respectively.

    2. Experienced Makeup Artists:

    The salary range for experienced makeup artists tends to be higher. In North America, a professional with five years of experience can expect to make between $40,000 – $80,000 annually. In Europe and Asia, the salary range can range from €60,000 – €150,000 or ¥8,000,000 to ¥20,000,000 per year, respectively.

    3. Freelance Makeup Artists:

    Freelance makeup artists have more flexibility in their earning potential depending on the projects they secure. However, a freelancer’s salary can range from $30,000 – $100,000 per year, with some artists charging more based on their reputation and client base.

  2. Makeup Artists for Film and TV:
    In film and TV, makeup artists have the potential to earn significantly higher salaries due to the high demand for their work. Depending on the project, a makeup artist can make anywhere from $200,000 – $500,000 per year. However, these figures are only an estimate, and actual earnings may vary.

Real-life Examples:

1. MUA Kyra Yee

Kyra Yee, a famous makeup artist in Asia, has over 4 million followers on Instagram. She started out as an assistant makeup artist and worked her way up to becoming a self-employed artist. Her salary range is not publicly known, but she consistently posts glamorous images of her work and clients, giving her fans inspiration and showing the possibilities of a career in makeup artistry.

2. MUA Huda Beauty

Huda Beauty, the founder of the popular beauty brand, started out as a freelance makeup artist before launching her own line. Her company has grown significantly and is valued at over $1 billion. While her personal salary is not disclosed, she is known for supporting other makeup artists and encouraging them to pursue their passion.

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